Welcome to Highlands Garage Doors

Hi, my name is Al and I’m the owner and operator of Highlands Garage Doors. I also own Canberra Garage Doors, established in 2011. While we are new to The Highlands, we are not new to Garage Doors and there is no issue that we aren’t capable of sorting out to your satisfaction. Call the number at the top of the page to speak to our knowledgeable and friendly staff so that we can arrange a quote or book a repair.

We Can Convert Your Door!

Most people are under the impression that they either can’t convert their current door, or that if they can, it will be incredibly expensive.

However we can turn just about any door into an automatic door:

  • Conversion for roller-doors start from $590 installed!

  • Conversions for panel doors start from $690 installed!

Most people are genuinely surprised that not only can the garage door they have be converted, but that the time and cost involved is much lower than they expected.

Give us a call (or fill out our contact form), get a quote and find out for yourself…

What Our Customers Have To Say:

Our Specialties Include:

  • The Supply and installation of new garage doors and motors
  • Converting manual garage doors to automatic door
  • Replacing existing (non-repairable) door openers
  • Servicing any problems with your existing door (manual or automatic)

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  1. Fast Turnaround – Almost all repairs and replacements are completed within a week top and we are often able to organise same say service.
  2. Trust and Experience – We are a trusted Highlands business. We have installed thousands of garage door motors around Highlands and have long standing relationships with many well-known Highlands businesses.
  3. We specialise in all things garage doors – And because we offer garage door repairs, conversions, as well as new doors – you know with us, we’re not just trying to sell you the most expensive option, but rather the right option.  We will always be honest and recommend the best option for you.
  4. Our new garage doors are the best around –  Our motors and the doors we supply are the top selling and most trusted brands and models for a reason.  Garage doors are all we do.   The experience we have gained from specialising, we believe, makes us the best choice for your new door.
  1. Deal with the business owner – When you call Highlands Garage Doors, you’re calling Pete. You will either get straight through to him (the most likely outcome) or he will return your call as soon as he is able, which is always in a short space of time. What is important is that your first contact with Highlands Garage Doors will be with the owner and you will always be able to communicate with him about your project.
  2. Save money on a new door – Many people are told they can’t attach a motor to their current garage door when they really can. The cost of a conversion or new motor versus a new door is significant. Don’t take a chance; let me tell you for certain what your options actually are.
  3. Value for money – I offer better prices than other Highlands installers for the same products (or better).  We don’t have a showroom and we don’t have sales or admin staff to pay like many of our competitors.  Our installers are efficient and very good at what they do.